Surface / Across 

Exhibited: Milan Design Week 2018

Further to the growing success of the Marsotto Edizioni collections, which are collaborations with today’s major designers, the Italian marble specialist launched Marsotto Lab. This new platform will  enable the work of young and promising designers.

The way the two pieces of marble are joined together calls to mind lined-up slabs in a marble masonry. Through the hole in the centre of the first one the hands can be seen on the movement at the back of the clock. The resulting volume and transparency interaction  creates an unstructured, even abstract, aesthetic when the clock is not viewed from the front.

Just like an old grandfather clock, the sculpturally massive piece that would adorn our grandparents’ living room in the olden days, this clock is made of a simple slab of marble with an aperture in its upper part. Through this wide opening, the hands and the movement, which is wall-mounted, can be seen. This contemporary interpretation highlights the formal and unforgiving nature of marble and reinforces the notion of timelessness.

Exhibited at Milan Design Week 2017

Photo Credits: @Calypso Mahieu